I speak French and Breathe Qi Gong

Amy Sparrow, LAc., Dipl. O.M.

Before TCM studies, I had a first career as a French teacher, a second as a Music teacher. Language learning in the classroom melded art and science and I bring this love of discovery and working with people to my acupuncture practice. I double majored in French and Psychology (University of Michigan) and so am informed by a long understanding and intrigue with the human psyche in working with others on health and wellness. As with my studies in French (M.A., Middlebury College, France; doctoral course work at NYU) I take learning seriously. American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the most demanding and thorough schools of TCM in the country.  In particular I am honored to have gained years of clinical practice working under the supervision of great teachers. I continue to observe and learn from acupuncturists and healers.

While living in big cities (Paris, New York, Kuala Lumpur) I relied on occasional acupuncture to help keep me healthy, to quicken the healing of sports injuries, to ease migraines, to lift my spirits. When in the mountains of Switzerland I spent a lot of time mountain biking and snow boarding out in the fresh air and developed an appreciation of herbal remedies. Landing in San Francisco 20 years ago, I made use of acupuncture as a focused tool to change up my lifestyle and get ready for a family life. I hope Chinese Medicine in San Francisco will help you keep finding what you are seeking, too. 

Other folks in my circles are: jazz musicians, singers of songs, Iyengar yoga lovers, dog lovers and parents.