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Understanding a holistic medicine

No matter your Goals, there are Many Moves possible...

Moving toward balance in the body using TCM has helped many ailments. I will spend time with you each visit to evaluate the best path of healing. Here is a partial list of imbalances which may well benefit from acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine healing modalities: 


ADD / ADHD, arthritis, addiction, asthma, Bell's palsy,  blood pressure and heart rate disorders, Chronic Fatigue, concussion, cancer treatment side effects, dizziness, digestive and bowel system disorders, endocrine system problems such as diabetes or thyroid issues, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, immune system disorders, IBS, morning sickness, neuralgias, stroke residuals, PMS, pain medication side effects, pregnancy challenges, regulation problems of the autonomic nervous system causing anxiety or depression, fluid and electrolyte imbalances, inflammatory response problems such as COPD, bronchitis or asthma, infertility, migraines, memory issues, metabolism, menopause, nervousness, pain, plantar fasciitis, speech issues, and sleep disorders.

Balancing the many systems can be partially understood through a binary perspective of old and new:  


In TCM one path to homeostasis, or wellness, is tossing off what’s extra. When you get sick or have a chronic problem there is disorder and it’s often a lack of flow, a traffic jam of too much of some element clogging up the system. 

Colds and flu: If you have a virus, you can take herbal medicine to help, there are gentle and effective antivirals, and acupoints which effectively relieve aches, heaviness, and sinus congestion.

Weight gain: Then chances are your digestion is sluggish. We might be chasing out some extra Dampness. TCM can send out the residues and help spring your digestive system back into action.

Emotional swings, chronic cough: Maybe you are carrying sadness, or smoke pollution around. In TCM, your Lung system is burdened when grief is a dominant feeling. Open up the chest and let go and out, help lung capacity return to normal.

Stress: This feeling becomes physical. And it is not something we need to carry around. In TCM it is the Liver system, holding energy flow, bundling it up tight. So... irritability, tight neck, temple headaches, for instance. You don't have to keep that. Unleash it and start fresh. 


Tap into your own strength within. This holistic medicine helps you rekindle it. So, it's not actually new, it just goes into hiding sometimes. REVIVE is about this. Bring out and wake up your strength and resiliency.

Equipoise: Let TCM help with deepening your meditation practice, boosting your leadership skills.

Fitness: Looking to compete in a marathon? enhance your optimal lung capacity, help your muscles get supple and strong.

Stamina: TCM helps you tap into your power. Let the Qi energy flow to where you need it. Unblock stuck areas and allow your force to flow, and healing to be strengthened.

Surgery Prep or Recovery : TCM helps with restoration and healing after injury or surgery. Because it can reduce pain and inflammation, your body can put energy into mending skin and bone. 

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Inflammation is often at the root of many disorders and diseases.  While looking at nutrition, diet and exercise can help greatly,  in Chinese medicine we also see improvements after a course of acupuncture sessions.  If you are interested in combatting an acute (Bell's Palsey, for instance) or chronic (degenerative or auto-immune such as arthritis), Acupuncture is a viable adjunct therapy and may lessen the need for the use of corticosteroids.  


This feeling becomes physical.  And it is really not something we need to carry around!  In TCM it is the Liver system which holds in energy flow, bundling it up tight. So...irritability, tight neck, temple headaches. You don't have to keep that.  Unleash it and start fresh.

We see in studies that acupuncture can attenuate and calm the chemical reaction of our body toward stress (HPA axis producing cortisol). Acupuncture has been shown to help bring on hormonal homeostasis and set a body-mind back into a state of rest and digest, balanced and ready for living well. See my research on this in an upcoming blog.