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Acupuncture I have developed a gentle needle technique using the thinnest of needles. Most people experience only a quick prick or nothing at all. To be effective a “De Qi” sensation is sought at most points which will elicit a slight feeling of warmth, distention, tingling or pulling. Includes scalp acupuncture (for functional neurologic disorders, for instance) and auricular, ear, acupuncture as well as classic acupuncture. 

Ear Acupuncture/ Auriculotherapy  This is a system with roots in traditional Chinese medicine and further systemetized by a French doctor named Nogier, and others.  It involves placing teeny needles in points on the ear, a microsystem for the entire body/mind.  It may treat all sorts of ailments and, like acupuncture, has the potential to be both a preventative and curative medicine.  See Ear Seeds, below. 

E-stim A gentle and efficient treatment. Micro-currents are attached to needles. For example, this is especially effective to dispel pain and aide muscle tone. The sensation is of slight vibration or nothing else but the usual relaxation of an acupuncture treatment. 

Facial Rejuvenation: Teeny bitsy Japanese needles are used.  By stimulating collagen production, blood and energy flow wrinkles, puffiness, fine lines, facial sagging and discoloration are reduced.


Dermal micro-currents: A slight vibrational pulse is felt with the application of Transcutaneous micro-currents on acupoints, followed by a feeling of warmth. This technique combines a Western tool and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. 

Shiatsu or Tui Na: Japanese or Chinese medical massage accompanies most treatments. From 5 to 30 minutes depending on appropriate prescription. 

Guasha: Using special smooth tools an area is scraped to help ease pain and tension, or ease cold or headache symptoms, for instance. Often the back of the neck or back.  

Moxa: This may be used to unblock and rid the body of invasive elements, but also to warm and revive deep within the body places which are, essentially, cold. So it is good for stiff muscles, also certain aging processes where to tap into the inner strength warming is needed.   

Cupping: Glass cups void of air are placed on the body creating a suction affect that many find very soothing. Cups are often used on the back, and ease muscular tension or soft tissue injuries anywhere. Helps also to rid the body of common cold, flu, or headaches, or a constitutional build up of heat, for example.  

Ear Beads or Seeds: these are placed on acupoints on the ear. Although you generally don’t feel much they stimulate your body system to create balance and harmony. A non-needle approach that has been shown to be very effective in treating all sorts of disorders, from pain to PTSD, from asthma to anxiety. Ear therapy, auriculotherapy,  harmonizes the nervous system.

Chinese Herbal Medicine:  Like eating well and taking the right nutritional supplements, Chinese herbal formulas are gentle and work over time. Changes are deep and lasting.   

A plan: On your first and ongoing treatments we will look at foods and lifestyle habits to aide your healing. You may get a movement, sound or self-massage piece just for you and your needs. 

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Chinese Herbal Medicine:  Like eating well and getting enough sleep, Chinese herbal formulas are gentle and work over time. Changes are deep and lasting.  They are able to help with symptoms while healing and balancing the root of the issue.  

We offer Chinese herbal supplements in pill form or powder to be made into a tea.