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Spring is HERE! Special Auriculotherapy is 40 for New or 30 for Established patients and may be ear acupuncture and seeds or a non-needle treatment, using seeds and micro-currents. The appointment will last 30 minutes.

Services and Rates for New/Established Patients:

Acupuncture Plus 100/80

Acupuncture with bodywork, cupping, facial rejuvenation, e-stim, or guasha, as indicated by constitution and goals. 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Cupping and Medical Massage 80/60

If appropriate for diagnosis, cupping and acupressure massage and body manipulation. 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Ear TCM, needle and/or seeds 40/30

Seeds applied to points on the ear only, with or without prior teeny needle treatment in-house. Seeds remain on the ear and activate points for 3-7 days. 1/2 hour.

Herbal and Nutritional consult 60/40

Full intake, diagnosis and prescription. Diet and Nutritional plan. Herbal Medicine sold separately. 20-40 minutes.  

Certificates for Acupuncture Plus Treatments are available to Established Patients:

Xiao Size: 3 sessions,  210

Da Size:  5 sessions, 325

If you would like to offer a certificate as a gift you may purchase on-line by sending payments through PayPal to acupuncturistamy AT For new patients add 20 dollars. You will receive your certificate via email to purchaser. Current special offer for 3 sessions, see above. Contact amy for other arrangements, numbers of treatments.

Herbal Prescriptions average 20 for a one week's supply. Treatment options vary.